Enjoy Aotearoa-inspired kai (food) and inu (drinks) at Ani's Gin Bar & Tapas

ANI’S Gin Bar & Tapas Restaurant is a 100% Aotearoa/New Zealand owned business that offers an intimate dining experience, all while enjoying Aotearoa inspired kai (food) and inu (drinks).
Chef Lorisse’s thoughtfully crafted menu is story and experience driven, and is inspired by the familiar and nostalgic kai she was spoiled with from as a child.
With these factors being the base of her dishes, she has drawn on her years of experience and knowledge to refine and modernise a truly special dining affair.

Savour & Sip

Signature dishes include Creamed Paua Ravioli, Fried Bread Bites, Cadbury Caramellow Mousse, and Smoked Kahawai with Watercress Croquettes. Native Aotearoa plants like Horopito, Karengo, and Kawakawa are used to create unique flavors, also found in the gin collection.
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About Ani's Gin Bar & Tapas

We are a wholly Aotearoa/New Zealand owned eatery offering an intimate dining experience with Aotearoa-inspired food and drinks. Chef Lorisse’s menu is deeply rooted in childhood memories of familiar and nostalgic kai, elevated through her culinary expertise.
Ani’s founder, Lorisse Vincent-Amor, opened the restaurant in honour of her late mother, Annette Sarah Vincent. Ani’s daughters, including Lorisse, developed culinary skills from a young age. Lorisse pursued formal culinary education and returned to New Zealand after gaining experience abroad, realising her dream with Ani’s opening in 2022.
Ani’s temporarily closed in 2022 but reopened in August 2023, offering enhanced food and beverage experiences.